School Office Information

During the school year, the school office in each building is open weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., and the school phones will be answered during this time.

Outside of these times, and occasionally during office hours, you will be directed to an automated system from which you will need to choose an extension in order to reach a teacher or staff member directly.

Please leave a voice message if you are unable to speak with someone immediately. The school day can be very busy, but we will respond to your questions or concerns in a timely manner if you leave a voice message.

In case of an emergency, please dial "0" to reach the receptionist immediately.

Main Phone




Attendance Line

508-747-2620 Ext. 102

When a student needs to be absent from school because of illness, parents should leave a message on the Attendance Line before 8:00 a.m. For the safety and protection of each student, it is essential for school staff to know the whereabouts of every student. If a parent does not call to notify the school of an absence, a school staff member is required to call the student's home to inquire as to the student's whereabouts.

2017-2018 Staff Directory

Name Position Ext Room
Betts, Stephanie Upper School Administrative Assistant 114 114
Breen, Theresa Occupational Therapist 365 150
Buick, Devin 6th Grade Science Teacher 331 246
Camara, Cassandra Upper School Adjustment Counselor 523 114C
Campbell, Andrea Middle School Administrative Assistant 154 154
Campbell, Ian Upper School Social Studies Teacher 345 146
Carleen, Jacob 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher 343 146
Catelli, Jennifer Upper School Science Teacher 338 246
Chapman, Maureen Academic Director 509 102I
Crafts, Jill Head of School 512 102L
Davis, Emily Upper School Social Studies Teacher 344 146
Diamond, Michael Upper School Math Teacher 326 286
Doyon, Nancy 6th Grade Math Teacher 321 286
Edwards, Kristin 8th Grade Math Teacher 323 286
Evans, Cristina Middle School Learning Specialist 372 167
Ezell, Rachel Dissemination Grant Project Director 514 102I
Favret, Cynthia 8th Grade English Teacher 313 186
Fierst, Sophie Upper School Social Studies Teacher 347 146
Fletcher, Kathleen 5th Grade Math Teacher 320 286
Fornaciari, Micaela Middle School Learning Specialist 373 167
Foster, Meghan College and Future Planning Counselor 588 188
Gale, Kristen Upper School Science Teacher 335 246
Gamache, Kathleen Middle School Latin Teacher 350 294
Gorab, Olivia Upper School Math Teacher 325 286
Greenberg, Ryann Middle School Dance and Theater Teacher 302 202
Greene, Jennifer Middle School Learning Specialist 371 282
Greenstein, Matthew Upper School Learning Specialist 378 130
Grez, Paula 5th Grade Science Teacher 330 246
Gustafson, Matthew Upper School Science Teacher 334 246
Harnais, Kimberly Assistant Business and Office Manager 503 102C
Higgins, Gia Upper School Social Studies Teacher 346 146
Hodgson, Miren Upper School Spanish Teacher 355 294
Howard, Justin 5th Grade STEM Teacher 329 286
Hughes, Lisa Nurse Leader 115 115C
Jackson, Melissa Student Data Specialist 506 102F
Jamieson, Kimberly Middle School Nurse 113 115B
Kenney, Susan Receptionist 101 102A
Koester, Kristie Upper School Learning Specialist 379 130
Lanoue, Beth Student Support Assistant 360 150
Lenkei, Rachel 7th Grade English Teacher 312 186
Lewicki, Alysha Speech & Language Aide 364 150
Mackinnon, Carolyn 5th Grade English Teacher 310 186
Macpherson, Lauren Student Support Director 510 102J
Malaguti, Siobhan MS Adjustment Counselor 531 154A
Mandeville, Jessica Upper School English Teacher 314 186
Martz, Holly Upper School Special Education Aide 377 232
McCullough, Leane 8th Grade Science Teacher 333 246
McDonald, Patrick 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher 341 146
Mello, Eric Business Manager 504 102D
Mina, Alexandra Upper School Latin Teacher 356 294
Mohamed, Zahra Upper School Spanish Teacher 352 294
Montville, Kristin Upper School Math Teacher 324 286
Moore, Mary Student Support Assistant Director 376 232
Morrell, Elizabeth Reading and Literacy Specialist 361 150
Nelson, Brad Upper School Visual Arts Teacher 306 202
Nilosek, Denise Middle School Learning Specialist 370 282
Nilson, Holly Speech & Language Therapist 363 150
Norris, Sara School Psychologist 362 150
O'Keefe, Michael Assistant Head of School 511 102K
Onanian, Kelly 6th Grade Humanities Teacher 318 186
Palulis, Lauren Middle School Social Studies Teacher 342 146
Papillo, Anthony Middle School Assistant Principal 532 154B
Papillo, Jennifer Middle School Latin Teacher 351 294
Pease, Julie Upper School English Teacher 315 186
Peterson, Kerry Middle School Physical Education Teacher 582 182
Peterson, Matthew Athletic Director & Plymouth Fitness Coordinator 584 184
Policastro, Gina 5th Grade Social Studies Teacher 340 146
Post, Tyler Middle School Principal 533 154C
Prasad, Mayuri 7th Grade Math Teacher 322 286
Proctor, Jordan Upper School Music Teacher 304 202
Quinn, Ben Upper School Special Education Aide 380 130
Rosen, Charlotte Upper School Dance Teacher 305 202
Schoener, Donald Upper School Science Teacher 336 246
Senegal, Barnet Upper School Theater Teacher 303 202
Shara, Kate Upper School Biology Teacher 337 246
Simons, James Upper School Principal 521 114A
Spalletta, Ronald Upper School English Teacher 317 186
Sprague, Luz Upper School Assistant Principal 522 114B
Staples, Emma Upper School English Teacher 316 186
Sweitzer, Jenna 6th Grade English Teacher 311 186
Szczepanski, Theresa Upper School Math Teacher 328 286
Tersegno, David Upper School Math Teacher 327 286
Valente, Aaron Educational Technology Director 507 102G
Vendetti, Sarah 7th Grade Science Teacher 332 246
Viola, Lea Upper School Learning Specialist 374 232
Walker, Timothy Middle School Visual Art Teacher, School Art Director 300 204
Wang, Winston Middle School Music Teacher 301 202
Weekly, Shawna Wellness Director 513 113
Welch, Heather Upper School Learning Specialist 375 232
Whelan, Joshua Upper School Latin Teacher 354 294
Wilson, Kristina Upper School Spanish Teacher 353 294