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Over the past several months, we have been brainstorming ideas for a mascot for Rising Tide with our students and staff. We narrowed down the choices based on two criteria: connection to the region and uniqueness to the school. We would like to have feedback from all members of our school community on some of the top choices generated from this collective brainstorming. Please take a moment to share your preference for one of our top choices in the survey. There are only two questions. This survey will be closed on Thursday. To see a list of the mascots of other school's in the region, click here.

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College Information

Tuesday, March 18Ms. Kuskin-Smith, Rising Tide's College Counselor, will hold a Junior Parents' Night beginning at 6:30 pm at the Upper School.


Rising Tide students in grades 5-8 and 10 will participate in the reading and writing portion of the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) beginning next week. On March 18, 7th and 10th grade students will plan and write the long composition. This test measures students' writing ability, and includes scores for topic and idea development as well as standard English conventions. On March 20 and 21, students in grades 5-8 will take the Reading Comprehension portion of the MCAS; on March 19 and 21, 10th grade students will take the Reading Comprehension MCAS. In each test session, students will be asked to read short pieces of poetry, fiction, nonfiction or drama and then answer multiple choice and open response questions about the reading.

We are proud that Rising Tide students have historically performed well on the MCAS. Our teachers prepare students for these assessments but do not teach to the test. Teachers design curriculum that follows the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and the Rising Tide Schoolwide Objectives and Benchmark Skills. This teacher-created curriculum fosters critical thinking as well as reading and writing skills. The skills that our students learn in their classes are the same skills that are needed to succeed on the MCAS and prepare for lifelong learning. We want our students to feel prepared and confident for the MCAS; students can expect that teachers will review format and scoring, test taking strategies and content of the tests.

Families can support their children during MCAS in the following ways:

Please encourage your child to get a full night's sleep, at least eight hours, and eat breakfast each day. Proper nutrition and rest help assure that your child can put forth his or her best effort on the test.

Please make sure that your child comes to school on time each day of testing. Students tend to perform better when they take the test at the regularly scheduled time.

Reassure your child that he or she can do well, as many children become anxious about testing situations. Please encourage your child to take his or her time, check over the work and speak to his or her teachers with any questions, before the test begins. Students may find that practicing relaxation strategies such as deep breathing or taking short mental breaks is calming.

The Parent Connection

Youth Health Connection of South Shore Hospital


Family Resource Group

The Family Resource Group at Rising Tide was developed to provide parents a network within the community that meets together a few times throughout the year to discuss issues our students experience during their time in middle school and high school. We align topics with our Upper School Wellness Curriculum because of the importance of each subject, but also because of the frequency in which these subjects come up throughout the academic school year. We aim to present information objectively and to allow an opportunity for parents to ask questions in a structured and comforting environment.


Parent Advisory Council

Next Meeting: Monday, October 7 at 3:30 at the Middle School

Every year, we invite new members to join our Special Education Parent Advisory Council (PAC) at Rising Tide Charter Public School. Our membership is open to parents (or guardians) of children with special needs and anyone interested in special needs education. The Parent Advisory Council acts as a resource for families, providing support, networking and information about disabilities and the special education process.

The goal of Rising Tide's PAC is to encourage open communication, understanding and mutual respect among all students, parents, and the greater community. We aim to provide a helpful network for parents including access to current resources, training, and emotional support.


College Resources

College Information

Tuesday, March 18Ms. Kuskin-Smith, Rising Tide's College Counselor, will hold a Junior Parents' Night beginning at 6:30 pm at the Upper School.

Rising Tide College Handbook

These web sites can be used by both middle and upper school students and families.

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Upper School Mexico Trip

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